43 | Drarry Deep Dive #3: The Trope Edition ⚡️🐉📚 (Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter)

It’s time for our final Drarry episode! (for now…)

We’re discussing Tropes! Find out our favorites, as well as some of yours: from A/B/O to Soulmates, Auror Partners and AUs, there are so many ways to enjoy Harry x Draco!

Content/Trigger Warnings

37 | Crossing-over into an Alternate Universe! ⚡️🪐 w/ Phe (AU/Crossover Tropes)

This week Nathan is joined by the lovely Phe for a very special AU/Crossovers Trope episode! Though we hold the wizarding world dear, sometimes we like to explore our favorite characters in any and all scenarios and experiences: inside and out of canon! Be that a Coffee Shop AU, Draco the Space Cadet, or “Everyone Lives,” the wide world of fanfiction has so much more to explore…

Content/Trigger Warnings

1 | All Aboard, Magical Shippers!

Welcome to Care of Magical Shippers! A Harry Potter ship culture podcast!

Join Megs and Nathan as we dive into the what, where, and why of your favourite Harry Potter ships! From OTPs to the rarest of the rare, we are ready to get ship-wrecked!

Content/Trigger Warnings