27 | “Nothing Left to Lose” Fic Discussion (Marcus Flint/Oliver Wood)

Of course, we’re not done with Flintwood! This episode we will be discussing¬†Nothing Left to Lose by orphan_account (formerly immortalbanner)! Give the fic a read or you’ll have spoilers ahead! We enjoyed it so much and we hope you do too!

Content/Trigger Warnings

12 | “The Seduction of Arthur Weasley” Fic Discussion (Arthur Weasley/Lucius Malfoy)

Lucius Malfoy/Arthur Weasley

Join us as we discuss the Luthur (Arthur Weasley/Lucius Malfoy) fic of our dreams that was not long enough!

“The Seduction of Arthur Weasley” by Farbautidottir

What happens next?! Let’s find out!

Content/Trigger Warnings

4 | “The Love of a Good Wizard” Fic Discussion (Tom Riddle/Harry Potter)

Tom Riddle/Harry Potter

This week the Tomarry fun continues! We’ve read and cannot wait to discuss The Love of a Good Wizard by SweetSorcery! We cannot even begin to explain how much we love this fic. Give it a read and join us as we laugh, gasp, cackle, and sing our way through this fic!

Content/Trigger Warnings