39 | The Crack Chronicles (Part 1) 🤪 w/ Phe (Crack Ships)

This week is all about Crack Ships! Join Nathan and Phe as they dive into 3 cracky pairings you may never have considered before, but that’s crack for you! From silly, whacky Crack to Crack Treated Seriously, fanfiction dives into the silly and outlandish in ways we all love! We hope you enjoy this episode, and there may be more crack ships to come!

Content/Trigger Warnings

16 | Don’t go breaking Mockhart!

Gilderoy Lockhart/Minerva McGonagall

So it’s time to go completely off the rails with a crack ship!! This week is all about the delightfully cursed, kinky, and wholesome pairing: Gilderoy Lockhart and Minerva McGonagall!!

Content/Trigger Warnings