34 | Versy Weasley, Lover of Wood 👓🪵 w/ Geoff (Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood)

Perciver is the ship of choice the week, and the perfect Nerd x Jock pairing! Megs and Nathan are joined again in this episode by Geoff (aka DreamQuaffle)! Fantastic Percy-centric discussion to be had, lots of giggles (obviously), and features ANOTHER fire of a fic by Geoff! Get ready for the SPICE!
This episode is sponsored by Bertie Butts Every Flavour Lube™ – bringing a whole new meaning to “Your ass is grass!”

Content/Trigger Warnings

33 | Tame that Dragon, Charlie! 🐉💪 w/ Danni (Draco Malfoy/Charlie Weasley)

This week Megs is joined by Danni (aka danpuff) to talk about one of their mutual favourite side pairings, Dragon Tamer! It was actually through Danni’s writing that Megs was introduced to Draco/Charlie, and instantly fell in love with their dynamic. We hope you will too!!

Content/Trigger Warnings

31 | Wolfstarbucks, Please! 🐺🌟🦌 w/ Geoff (Remus Lupin/Sirius Black/James Potter)

This week we are taking a big gulp of Wolfstarbucks with our special guest, Geoff (DreamQuaffle)! Yes, we are returning to Wolfstar! But this time they have more love to give to their partner in crime, James Potter. AND Geoff has written us a special ficlet just for this episode!

Content/Trigger Warnings

30 | We Fancy Fleurmione 🌸📚 (Hermione Granger/Fleur Delacour)

This week is all about the Lady Things™ with our special guest, Danni (danpuff)! What if Hermione went to the ball with Fleur instead of Krum? Or they do both become advocates post-war for magical creatures, including Veela rights? What better duo than two strong, underestimated women?
Sorry, Bill. Sorry, Ron. These ladies were made for each other, and we’re here to tell you why and how!

Content/Trigger Warnings

17 | Hagrid loves EVERYONE! w/ Phe

Rubeus Hagrid/Anyone

Happy Birthday, Hagrid!! For this episode, we are joined by our friend and fanfic author, PhenomenalAsterisk! We thought she’d be the perfect addition for a Hagrid-centric episode and she did not disappoint! From Hagrid headcanons to ALLS the ships: Hagrid/Snape, Hagrid/Harry, Hagrid/Dobby (yikes), Hagrid/Lockhart, Hagrid/Rita Skeeter, and many more! Hagrid has so much love to give, so why not give it to all?!

Content/Trigger Warnings

14 | Spooch: More than just a Smooch w/ Julianna and Melanie from PuffCast!

Pomona Sprout/Rolanda Hooch

This week is all about Pomona Sprout / Rolanda Hooch, and we are joined with the lovely ladies from PuffCast! And they brought us an exclusive fanfic written by our friend, listener, and fellow podcaster, DreamQuaffle! Podfic? Meet cute? Spooch lingerie line?? YES PLEASE!

EXTRA: Check out PuffCast Episode 41 for Megs’ and Nathan’s guest appearance!

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