39 | The Crack Chronicles (Part 1) 🤪 w/ Phe (Crack Ships)

This week is all about Crack Ships! Join Nathan and Phe as they dive into 3 cracky pairings you may never have considered before, but that’s crack for you! From silly, whacky Crack to Crack Treated Seriously, fanfiction dives into the silly and outlandish in ways we all love! We hope you enjoy this episode, and there may be more crack ships to come!

Content/Trigger Warnings

38 | The Seer and the Sneer 🔮🧪 w/ DreamQuaffle (Severus Snape/Sybill Trelawney)

Hi listeners! It has been a WHILE. No doubt you’ve been waiting for our return with bated breath, and we are here to share a new episode with you! Join Nathan and Geoff (DreamQuaffle) as they dive into this unexpected teacher duo, Severus Snape and Sybill Trelawney!

And just as always, DreamQuaffle has a special treat for this ship in store, so make sure to listen to this episode right to the very end!

We are so happy to be back!

Episode Note: This episode was recorded in the fall of 2022, and any dates referenced during this episode take place in 2022.

Content/Trigger Warnings

37 | Crossing-over into an Alternate Universe! ⚡️🪐 w/ Phe (AU/Crossover Tropes)

This week Nathan is joined by the lovely Phe for a very special AU/Crossovers Trope episode! Though we hold the wizarding world dear, sometimes we like to explore our favorite characters in any and all scenarios and experiences: inside and out of canon! Be that a Coffee Shop AU, Draco the Space Cadet, or “Everyone Lives,” the wide world of fanfiction has so much more to explore…

Content/Trigger Warnings

36 | Sweet, Sweet Viktory! 🍭 w/ Hostwitch Bess (Hermione Granger/Viktor Krum)

Hello Ship Fam! We know it has been a while, and we can’t wait to share this new episode with you! This week we are joined by Hostwitch Bess from WZRD Radio! Though we have taken a deep dive into the Hermione/Ron/Viktor dynamic, Bess came to us begging for more! With Victory as her OTP, we couldn’t deny the opportunity to celebrate a beloved ship! We fell in love and we know you will too!

Content/Trigger Warnings

34 | Versy Weasley, Lover of Wood 👓🪵 w/ Geoff (Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood)

Perciver is the ship of choice the week, and the perfect Nerd x Jock pairing! Megs and Nathan are joined again in this episode by Geoff (aka DreamQuaffle)! Fantastic Percy-centric discussion to be had, lots of giggles (obviously), and features ANOTHER fire of a fic by Geoff! Get ready for the SPICE!
This episode is sponsored by Bertie Butts Every Flavour Lube™ – bringing a whole new meaning to “Your ass is grass!”

Content/Trigger Warnings

33 | Tame that Dragon, Charlie! 🐉💪 w/ Danni (Draco Malfoy/Charlie Weasley)

This week Megs is joined by Danni (aka danpuff) to talk about one of their mutual favourite side pairings, Dragon Tamer! It was actually through Danni’s writing that Megs was introduced to Draco/Charlie, and instantly fell in love with their dynamic. We hope you will too!!

Content/Trigger Warnings