About the Pod

Welcome to Care of Magical Shippers! A Harry Potter ship culture podcast!

Join Megs & Nathan as we dive into the when, why, and how of your favourite Harry Potter ships! From OTPs to the rarest of the rare, we are ready to get ship-wrecked!

Meet the Hosts!

Photo of Host Megs


Megs has been a Potterhead since the release of SS, obsessing over the books, midnight release parties, the audiotapes...then cd's...now digital audiobooks. SHE OWNS THEM ALL!! And nearly every hardcover and softcover release of the books... :grimacing:

She even lived in Orlando for a few years because why?! So she could visit WWoHP and Disney World whenever she wanted!! Couldn't count the number of times she's been to either.

Since moving back to her home state, she's found her HP safe haven in reading and writing fanfiction and the lovely communities surrounding it! With all the friends met along the way, shipping preferences varied greatly and she thought..."Huh. I wonder why?!"

"WELL why don't we FIND OUT!?"

Nathan and Megs met through Fanatical Fics Patreon discord and were fast friends ever since. Their love for Podfics soon grew into this Podcast reality and are living their HP FANTASYYYY!! They are beyond excited to explore the wide world of Harry Potter ships!

If you are interested in checking out her work, visit @greenmegsnoham on Tumblr and GreenMegsNoHam on AO3!

Photo of Host Nathan


Like every muggle born with a passion for magic, Nathan loved stories. You can understand why, by age 3, he found kinship in the bumbly, cuddly and perpetually hungry Winnie-the-Pooh. By age 11 when everyone else was discovering Harry Potter too, Nathan was finding out why you shouldn't begin a series with book 4.

Village intrigue in Little Hangleton was about as interesting to him as a factory tour of Grunnings - and it wasn't until seeing the first film, helped along by Stephen Fry's sumptuous audiobooks - that he fell in love with looking at the world diagonally.

So he was a bit slow on the uptake - a trend that continued beyond studying literature at university - but although he's a recent convert to fan fiction he's making up for lost time. Having found the fandom through the epic pods Goblet of Wine and Fanatical Fics, his favourite pairings include Wolfstar (it's canon) and Flintwood (because Quidditch players have to get muscular somehow). He also loves Auror detective pairings, whimsy, unexpected redemption arcs and the sweet sweet confluence of fluff and kink.

In case you can't tell from the pod, Nathan loves getting to laugh and love with fanfic *almost* as much as he loves the sound of his own voice. But he loves the community even more - you might even say they're right up his alley.

If you are interested in any of Nathan's podfics, visit wheelsmcgraw on AO3!