47 | Wolfbat/Snupin: Enemies. Lovers? Parents?! 🐺🦇 (Severus Snape/Remus Lupin)

HELLO EVERYONE!!! We are here. We are alive. AND we are here to bring you more… SLASH. Are you shocked? 🤣 We definitely aren’t. This episode is all about Snupin! Megs had just finished recording a Snupin-centric Snape Chat Episode, and decided to keep the Snupin train rolling full steam ahead! Let’s explore these trauma babies and their potential love life, with maybe a wholesome(?) dash of the raising Harry trope!

Content/Trigger Warnings

46 | Dorlene, Dorlene, Dorlene, Dorleeeeene 🎶🎤 w/ Tessa & Tam (Dorcas Meadowes/Marlene McKinnon)

This week, Megs is joined by Tessa and Tam, two femslash and Mauraders’ Era fandom enthusiasts who can guide her through anything and everything Dorcas Meadowes and Marlene McKinnon!

Content/Trigger Warnings

45 | Sorry, Harry! It’s Chinny for the winny! 🦅🦁 (Cho Chang/Ginny Weasley)

It’s time for another Femslash episode! This will be our first ship featuring Cho Chang, and we knew it would be so much fun pairing her up with Ginny Weasley! Both gifted witches, magically and in Quidditch. And, sure, they share a type when it comes to a certain Harry Potter, but maybe all that time that their sights were set on the Chosen One, they should have been looking at each other…

Content/Trigger Warnings

Bonus 43.5 | Drupin: Werewolves in Love 🐺❤️🐺 (Draco Malfoy/Remus Lupin)

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Coming off recording our Drarry Tropes episode (43), we knew we HAD to explore Drupin! In this episode, we explore the headcanon (or actual canon, depending on who you ask) of werewolf Draco, and what life would be like for two down-and-out were-pups in need of love! And werewolf mates? More, please!!

Content/Trigger Warnings

44 | Hop on the LilyPad! 🪷🐺 (Lily Evans Potter/Sirius Black)

What if, instead of James, Lily falls for Sirius? How would James react to his best friend dating the girl he’s pined over for years? 😮 Since James is gay, he’s completely unaffected, obviously! 😂 Or maybe, James is along for the ride, and so are we!

Content/Trigger Warnings

43 | Drarry Deep Dive #3: The Trope Edition ⚡️🐉📚 (Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter)

It’s time for our final Drarry episode! (for now…)

We’re discussing Tropes! Find out our favorites, as well as some of yours: from A/B/O to Soulmates, Auror Partners and AUs, there are so many ways to enjoy Harry x Draco!

Content/Trigger Warnings