Bonus Song: Twelve Days of Shipmas by DreamQuaffle

Enjoy this AMAZING song written for us by DreamQuaffle!! Happy Shipmas, everyone! DreamQuaffle (Geoff Skelington Hutton)

Content/Trigger Warnings

9 | Krum on, Romione!

Viktor Krum/Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger

This week we are back on the Poly Train with Kromione!! (Viktor Krum / Ron Weasley / Hermione Granger) So remember the Yule Ball? Ron’s Krum obsession? Was he jealous of Krum…or was it Hermione? OR BOTH?!

Romione may be canon, but add Viktor into the mix adds for some added flair (and quidditch muscles) Ron and Hermione didn’t know they needed…or maybe they already do… 😉

Content/Trigger Warnings