Bonus Song: Twelve Days of Shipmas by DreamQuaffle

Enjoy this AMAZING song written for us by DreamQuaffle!! Happy Shipmas, everyone! DreamQuaffle (Geoff Skelington Hutton)

Content/Trigger Warnings

14 | Spooch: More than just a Smooch w/ Julianna and Melanie from PuffCast!

Pomona Sprout/Rolanda Hooch

This week is all about Pomona Sprout / Rolanda Hooch, and we are joined with the lovely ladies from PuffCast! And they brought us an exclusive fanfic written by our friend, listener, and fellow podcaster, DreamQuaffle! Podfic? Meet cute? Spooch lingerie line?? YES PLEASE!

EXTRA: Check out PuffCast Episode 41 for Megs’ and Nathan’s guest appearance!

Content/Trigger Warnings