14 | Spooch: More than just a Smooch w/ Julianna and Melanie from PuffCast!

Pomona Sprout/Rolanda Hooch

This week is all about Pomona Sprout / Rolanda Hooch, and we are joined with the lovely ladies from PuffCast! And they brought us an exclusive fanfic written by our friend, listener, and fellow podcaster, DreamQuaffle! Podfic? Meet cute? Spooch lingerie line?? YES PLEASE!

EXTRA: Check out PuffCast Episode 41 for Megs’ and Nathan’s guest appearance!

Content/Trigger Warnings

PuffCast Ep 41: The Aragog of FanFiction (Care of Magical Shippers)

BOO! Its spooky seasooon! In this episode, we celebrate Halloween with our special guests and friends from the Care of Magical Shippers Podcast, Megs and Nathan! Together they read two wonderfully silly Halloween Fanfictions to us. Hop on in and enjoy the madness and prepare for belly aches, cause this one is gonna be filled with laughter and giggles to the brim of your bubbly cauldron!

Content/Trigger Warnings

10 | Surprise Birthday Episode! Good Evening, Prime Minister by GreenMegsNoHam

Kingsley Shacklebolt/Muggle Prime Minister

It’s Megs’ birthday! Our gift to YOU is our HILARIOUS recording of Megs’ Kingsley/Muggle Prime Minister fanfic: Good Evening, Prime Minister. Enjoy!

Content/Trigger Warnings