17 | Hagrid loves EVERYONE! w/ Phe

Rubeus Hagrid/Anyone

Happy Birthday, Hagrid!! For this episode, we are joined by our friend and fanfic author, PhenomenalAsterisk! We thought she’d be the perfect addition for a Hagrid-centric episode and she did not disappoint! From Hagrid headcanons to ALLS the ships: Hagrid/Snape, Hagrid/Harry, Hagrid/Dobby (yikes), Hagrid/Lockhart, Hagrid/Rita Skeeter, and many more! Hagrid has so much love to give, so why not give it to all?!

Content/Trigger Warnings

13 | Snotterly: Snake in the Lions’ Den

James Potter/Severus Snape/Lily Evans

Megs is SO excited to finally talk about SNAPE! It’s all about the poly ship James Potter, Lily Evans, and Severus Snape! There are honestly the most giggles of any episode in this one and is worth EVERY minute! Enjoy!

EXTRA: Megs and Nathan are guest hosting on Episode 41 of PuffCast, released Wednesday, Oct. 13th!

Content/Trigger Warnings

1 | All Aboard, Magical Shippers!

Welcome to Care of Magical Shippers! A Harry Potter ship culture podcast!

Join Megs and Nathan as we dive into the what, where, and why of your favourite Harry Potter ships! From OTPs to the rarest of the rare, we are ready to get ship-wrecked!

Content/Trigger Warnings