33 | Tame that Dragon, Charlie! 🐉💪 w/ Danni (Draco Malfoy/Charlie Weasley)

This week Megs is joined by Danni (aka danpuff) to talk about one of their mutual favourite side pairings, Dragon Tamer! It was actually through Danni’s writing that Megs was introduced to Draco/Charlie, and instantly fell in love with their dynamic. We hope you will too!!

Content/Trigger Warnings

23 | Happy Shipuary! A Collection of Lovey Dovey Fanfic! (Part 2)

For Valentine’s Month, we wanted to collect and share another batch of fanfic centred around, you guessed it, love! Enjoy the last 3 of 7 lovely fic!

Content/Trigger Warnings

20 | Drarry? Who’s Drarry? It’s Dreville, baby!

Draco Malfoy/Neville Longbottom

We are FINALLY doing a Draco Malfoy episode! What??? And to get us started with our favourite bad boy, we’re pairing him with Neville Longbottom! We have so much fun exploring this pairing and the characterizations and dynamics between these two boys in comparison to other ships (i.e. Drarry). We absolutely fell in love and we hope you do too!

Content/Trigger Warnings

18 | Happy Shipmas! A Compilation of Festive Fic (Part 1)

Happy Shipmas! For this episode, we are reading a collection of winter/holiday themed fanfic submitted by YOU! This was nearly a 3-hour episode, so we’ve broken it up into 2! Enjoy our first batch of fantastic fic!

  • Under the Mistletoe by Drarry_Quite_Contrary (GreenMegsNoHam)
  • Beautiful the rose that in your garden is by porcelainsalt (bluedreaming)
  • some love was made for the lights by wheezykat | art by baboosk art
  • A Very Sqoasty Christmas by Julianna (PuffCast)
  • Bonus: Christmas of ’98 (A One-Shot) by the Author
  • the proposal (that almost wasn’t) by Evening12
  • The Pink Prank by danpuff

Content/Trigger Warnings

Bonus Song: Twelve Days of Shipmas by DreamQuaffle

Enjoy this AMAZING song written for us by DreamQuaffle!! Happy Shipmas, everyone! DreamQuaffle (Geoff Skelington Hutton)

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PuffCast Ep 41: The Aragog of FanFiction (Care of Magical Shippers)

BOO! Its spooky seasooon! In this episode, we celebrate Halloween with our special guests and friends from the Care of Magical Shippers Podcast, Megs and Nathan! Together they read two wonderfully silly Halloween Fanfictions to us. Hop on in and enjoy the madness and prepare for belly aches, cause this one is gonna be filled with laughter and giggles to the brim of your bubbly cauldron!

Content/Trigger Warnings